Jessica and Cory have incredible passion and the ability to connect us with our inner power. It was always there but over time I felt like I’d lost it until I did [their] workshop. Since then I’ve been able to manifest 2 huge breakthroughs in my business and personal life that have totally elevated my brand and confidence in myself. I truly feel unstoppable and can’t thank these two amazing people enough!
— Yvonne, CEO of The Mala Babe, San Diego

Even though I had done breathwork once before, the experience that Jessica and Cory guided us through was unique and powerful. Afterwards I felt really amazing and feel like I was able to let go of a lot of stuck emotions/energy in my body.
— Amy, Holistic Nutritionist, San Diego

My experience at [Cory and Jessica’s] workshop can only be described as an emotional release and reconnection to myself. With the previous months completely kicking me in the gut, in my heart and in my soul...I felt that night like I was able to start the step by step process of healing...truly healing.

I am so honoured that I was not only able to participate in the workshop, but to have met Jessica and Cory.... They were raw, real and vulnerable, and working with them felt like connecting with an old friend. I am so grateful for this experience, but also to now have two more friends in my life.
— Jen, Educational Leader, Vancouver