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Online Workshop: Breathwork + Being Fearless


Fear is the most misunderstood emotion on the planet because it fuels thoughts like, “What if I fail?," “What will they think?,” or “What if it doesn't work out?”

What if, what if, what if... we have all been there, right? Well...

What if... fear is here to serve you, allowing you to practice being uncomfortable and experiment outside your comfort zone?

What if... fear is a gatekeeper testing your will, your edge, and ability to have the mindset to try again, again, and again if necessary?

Everyone experiences fear, even the most successful people on the planet. It will always be there. The mistake we make is when we try to get rid of our fears, but really we need to become more intimate with our fear and be BRAVE in the face of it.

This is true fearlessness.

Access your inner fearlessness in our next online workshop: Breathwork + Being Fearless on June 12 @ 7-8:30PM PST. This is a deep heart-opening experience where you will learn tools and the power of your own breath to embrace your fear and self-doubt and move forward with confidence. So there's no more avoiding, making excuses, or procrastinating. Just you being brave and ready to take action.

No Breathwork experience is needed. Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation email with further logistics, the link to access the event, and what you will need.

**If you are unable to attend the live event via Zoom, replay access will be available for 30 days. Registration is necessary.*