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Online Workshop: Breathwork x Self-Love

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You are sitting at a nice restaurant all dressed up. This amazing person has been texting you all day saying how excited they are to meet you.

It’s been a hot minute since you felt this kind of flutter in your chest. You are buzzing and feeling alive. You tell yourself, "I think they could be the one!"

Time ticks by. You reach out with a text, then you check their social media, and give up after a few calls that go to voicemail.


You got ghosted again. Again? You tell yourself, "I’m a nice person. Why does this always happen to me? Am I the problem?"

It’s one thing when others ghost us. It’s another when we ghost ourselves.

We start to beat ourselves up. We think there is something "wrong" with us. We give up on ourselves.

But what if you could turn your self-criticism into self-love?

You can learn to let go of the old thought patterns and self-doubt and transform that into true compassion and confidence in yourself.

Join us for a deep heart-opening experience where you will learn tools to release insecurity or judgment, including a guided 3-part breathing technique (no experience needed!), so that you can love yourself, no matter what is happening in your life.

Develop true self-love by joining us for our online Breathwork x Self-Love workshop on May 16th at 7pm PST.

Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation email with further logistics, the link to access the event, and what you will need.

**If you are unable to attend the live event via Zoom, replay access will be available. Registration is necessary.**

"The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself."