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Breathwork is a guided three-part active meditation where you will let go of stress as well as “stuck” mindsets and emotions that are holding you back. This transformational practice will get you out of your own head and connected to your body, your creativity, and a deeper sense of self. You will leaving you feeling peaceful, clear, and grounded.

This practice is perfect for any level, whether you have years of experience or you've been intrigued by meditation and are not sure how to start. Many who have experienced Breathwork describe it as LIFE-CHANGING.

Benefits of Breathwork

  • Enhances creativity, innovative thinking, and decision-making

  • Increased energy and clarity

  • Heightened focus, productivity, and flow

  • Deeper connection and sense of community within group/team

  • More compassion, calm, and joy

  • Decreased burnout, anxiety, stress, and frustration


Options range from a 30 to 90 minute guided Breathwork workshop for your company, group, event, or festival.

During this guided Breathwork journey, you will be laying down in a comfortable position. We incorporate a customized playlist for each experience that is designed to help relax,

In the beginning of the workshop, we will explain the process, expectations, and create a safe space for Breathwork.

so he creates each session in mind by giving each person an experience that is not only powerful, but one that can be the most profound experience of their life, even the very first time.


“Cory and Jessica provide such a safe container for people that are just getting started with breathwork or have been doing it for a long time. The technique really provides room for a deep, profound journey every time. Cory and Jessica are extremely professional, loving and caring. It was so nice knowing my team was in such good hands and that they could meet anyone where they are at.”

-Makenzie, Founder & CEO of Delighted By

“You must bring in The Healing Couple into your company for a group breathwork experience! So many organizations don't take care of their team's wellbeing and that impacts the quality of work. This is a powerfully bonding experience for all of us as a team. Before the session, I felt a little bit anxious and a lot was on my mind. After the session, I felt more calm, clear mind and more energized for the rest of my day! They are masterful leaders and I can't recommend them enough!”

-Jocelyn, Investor & Director of Sales at Delighted By


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